First International Conference for Climate Change Control Education

( Students & Parents )








Registration Procedure:

A- Preparing Textbook of the course via the following link: (Students)


B- Participating in the course and completing the steps via the following link:(Students)


C- Receiving Invitation letter with Invitation code: (Students)

After completing the course, you will receive the invitation letter in your email automatically.


D-Registering one of your parents for the conference via the following link: (Parents)



Special Note for parents: 

This registration is for parents only whose family member is a student that has completed our “Climate Change Control” education course, based on the main book “International manual of Climate Change Control”, and received a formal invitation letter. Parents will be asked for an invitation code for finalizing their registration and for invitation letters to be issued. For each invitation code, we only accept two registration forms which allows a parent and a student to be invited.