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ISO 10006 scope of application standard

by | Sep 13, 2023


ISO 10006 scope of application standard :The ISO 10006 standard provides comprehensive guidance on specific applications of quality management in projects. These standards apply to projects of different complexity, small or large, short-term or long-term, in different environments and regardless of the type of product or process involved.

ISO 10006 scope of application standard

ISO 10006 is not a project management guide, but a guide to quality in project management processes.

The purpose of writing the ISO 10006 standard

The purpose of writing and compiling the standard is to provide guidance in the special application of project quality management. This standard provides the general principles and procedures of quality management, the implementation of which is important and affects the plan to achieve management quality management.

The ISO 10006 standard and the guidelines contained in it are written for a wide range of organizations and companies and in various projects from small to, from simple to complex, from a project project to a project that is itself part of a project project. It is used

The application of this guide is for those who have experience in project management and need to be sure that their organization has implemented the principles and procedures in the ISO 9000 series of standards.

Also, those who have experience in quality management are required to participate with project organizations based on their knowledge and experience. Inevitably, some groups will recognize more detail in guidance as unnecessary, while some audiences may depend on this detail.

History of ISO 10006 standard

It was first released in 1997 and the next version was released in 2003. This standard has been taken into consideration by many companies, and companies and organizations with ISO 1006 certification can get special privileges when participating in tenders and technical evaluations.


Implementing the ISO 10006 standard next to the basic standards such as ISO 901 and IMS integrated management system, or next to the standards of the certification series such as ISO 10002 and ISO 1004, will significantly help the growth and excellence of the organization.

Admin review

The ISO 1006 standard makes it clear that achieving or even exceeding expectations of a project is successful.

Management responsibility

The standards common to other standards in the ISO 9000 family, ISO 1006, specify the requirements for an effective quality management system and support a quality culture in ensuring the success of an important project.

People’s participation

Under the heading of management, the standard emphasizes the people assigned to the project. This makes it clear that he must have well-defined responsibilities and appropriate authority, as well as having the appropriate competence and tools to perform his duties. It also points out that the implications of multinational and multicultural projects should be considered. This topic is covered in more detail in the Resource Management section.

Two main motivations related to ISO 10006 project management

The need to manage project implementation is related to two important elements:


This section can be changed and different parts of the business enterprise will benefit from better communication and easier use.

Project management and supervision:

Thanks to the key performance indicators or KPIs (goodness of the organization’s performance) it is possible to monitor the progress of the project to ensure that it is achieved. Finally, when these two things are followed, the project team and leadership deliver high quality work.

Potential challenges in project management

In ISO 1006, project leaders must consider recruitment and empowerment and, most importantly, composition for their team. The team members will work according to the design and technical review imposed on them.

For the best possible collaboration, from the first day, he manages the project and assigns to the team the tasks that each member must perform. As the project changes to potentially in-hand, we know how to handle that setup normally.

The project is running in parallel with other things and all the company’s departments have to pay the expenses in their plans.

Principles of ISO 10006 certification

As mentioned, the principles of this standard have been compiled very close to the quality management principles of the ISO 9000 family. Some of the things that ISO 1006 covers include:


This standard clearly states that meeting or exceeding customer expectations is essential to a successful project.

Correct leadership

The person leading the project must be competent and ready to implement complex processes and manage different parts of the systems.

Specific responsibilities

ISO 1006 emphasizes that everyone involved in their projects should follow clear tasks and carry out well-defined responsibilities on projects.

Mutually beneficial relations

All the conditions mentioned in this standard can cause both your collection and the customer to choose from different companies.

Process-oriented implementation

All the processes you implement in the system should be integrated with ISO 10006 standards.

Continuous improvement

Considering that all the processes in project management are running, your system will be constantly improving and this factor in itself is a big advantage.

Serious decision making

Decision-making in organizations should be done carefully Do not delay the implementation of decisions.

Similarities of ISO 10006 and ISO 9001

Some quality control approaches that both standards cover include:

  1. process approach
  2. Customer focus
  3. People’s participation
  4. leadership
  5. Systematic approach
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. At the end…

This standard has been noticed by many companies, and by obtaining the ISO 10006 certificate, they can enjoy special privileges when participating in tenders and technical evaluations.

Keep in mind that ISO 10006 is not a project management guide, but rather a guide to quality in project management processes.

The implementation of this ISO along with basic standards such as ISO 9001 and IMS integrated management system or customer-oriented series such as ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 will significantly help the growth and excellence of the organization.

ISO 10006 standard life cycle

Technical Committee ISO/TC 176 (Quality Management and Assurance) in cooperation with Subcommittee SC 2 (Quality Systems) first prepared the ISO 10006 standard in 1997.

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