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ISO 10668 certificate

by | Sep 19, 2023

ISO 10668 (ISO standard for brand valuation)

ISO 10668 certificate

  • Benefits of receiving ISO 10668 certification
  • Valuing the brand with the approach of strengthening the brand
  • Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in a competitive market
  • Receive a valid international certificate with a register code
  • Creating a sense of confidence in customers
  • Generate more sales due to brand strengthening
  • Brand analysis and architecture
  • Certificate issuing countries

Getting to know the ISO 10668 international certificate

What is ISO 10668 (brand valuation)?

ISO 10668 is a special standard for brand financial valuation.

ISO 10668 defines a framework for brand evaluation, including: objectives, evaluation bases, evaluation approaches, evaluation methods, and evaluation of quality data and assumptions.

The brand evaluation standard, better known as ISO 10668, is considered as a requirement for the method of measuring brand value. Brand evaluation is used for a wide variety of purposes, including strategic planning, financial reporting, dispute resolution, etc.

ISO 10668 (Brand Valuation) defines a “brand” as an intangible marketing-related asset that includes names, terms, signs, symbols, logos and designs, or a combination of these, to identify goods and The services of a company or organization are used. That is, a trademark is the only legally defensible mark (or any combination of marks) that is able to distinguish a company’s goods or services from other companies and organizations.

What is the importance of ISO 10668 standard (brand valuation)?

Accurate valuation of a brand is increasingly important for organizations seeking to generate revenue, or for those engaged in acquiring or seeking investment. It is very important in conducting brand reviews of organizations and also for strategic development planning.

Brand evaluation plays an important role in evaluating the business potential of a company. Previously, it was difficult to compare the results of different brand evaluation methods, because the lack of general standards for brand evaluation led to very different results in the evaluations. This led to insecurity on the part of companies that were often reluctant to participate in the brand evaluation process. The brand valuation standards in ISO 10668 were created to solve this problem and consider the valuation of a brand as a more respectable company.

This standard enables all organizations that conduct brand assessment to attract customers, build customer confidence, lead the market and create a competitive advantage. Standards play an important role in creating organizational confidence.

Another reason brand valuation is important is that it provides solid financial proof of a brand’s value to a business, which is essential for a wide variety of business purposes.

In the beginning of the article it is stated that: “Intangible assets are known as high value assets. Arguably the most valuable but least recognized intangible assets are brands.ā€

What is the application of ISO 10668 brand valuation?

ISO 10668 is used for monetary valuation of the brand and for all the following purposes:

  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Claim support and dispute resolution
  • Company finances and fundraising
  • Licensing and joint venture negotiation
  • Management information and internal reporting
  • Strategic planning and brand management
  • Determining the brand and marketing budget
  • Analysis of brand architecture
  • Brand development planning

ISO 10668 – Brand valuation

The main requirements of the ISO 10668 standard

1- Domain

2- Terms and definitions

3- General requirements

4- Special requirements

5- Valuation methods

6- Necessary evaluation entries

7- Report

8- Independence

Brand value measurement methods

There are three generally recognized methods of measuring brand value: revenue, market, and cost.

  1. a) The income approach measures brand value by reference to the present value of the economic benefits expected to accrue over the brand’s useful economic life. The steps in using the income method are: estimating the after-tax cash flows associated with the asset over its remaining economic life, and converting them to present value by discounting at an appropriate discount rate.
  2. b) The market method defines the value based on what other buyers in the market could reasonably pay for the assets at the values being considered.
  3. c) The cost approach measures the value of a brand based on the costs of investing in building a brand or the costs of replacing or redefining it. The actual cost invested for the brand includes all the costs spent on building and maintaining the brand up to the date of creation of value for the brand. Brand replacement cost includes the cost of making a similar brand.

Obtaining ISO 10668 – Issuing ISO 10668 – Receiving ISO 10668

In order to obtain ISO 10668 (receiving ISO 10668 – issuing ISO 10668), you can apply through ISO System Management Consultant Center. Isosystem is the best center for obtaining ISO 10668 (receive ISO 10668 – issue ISO 10668) in the country with the official license of the Organization of Industry, Mining and Trade and from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade as a rank one management consulting company and the best engineering unit in The whole country is selected.

To obtain ISO 10668 (receiving ISO 10668 – issuing ISO 10668) apply through the certificate request link on this page. You can also apply for obtaining ISO 10668 (receiving ISO 10668 – issuing ISO 10668) through this link.

Register yourself quickly.

The benefits of obtaining ISO 10668

Obtaining and implementing ISO 10668 will bring benefits to your collection, including:

Valuing the brand with the approach of strengthening the brand

Globalization and creating a competitive advantage in the market

Obtaining a valid international ISO 10668 certificate with traceability

Create a sense of trust in customers

Increase in sales due to brand strengthening

Brand analysis and architecture

Ā  Necessary inputs in valuation based on ISO 10668

ISO 10668 provides guidance on valuation analyses, including:


  • Market and financial data
  • Behavioral aspects
  • Legal aspects
  • Sourcing and using high-quality data and assumptions

ISO 10668 life cycle

ISO 10668 is the International Organization for Standardization’s specification for procedures and methods for measuring the value of a brand. In 2007, ISO launched a working group to draft an international standard on monetary brand valuation. After 3 years, ISO 10668 (Poly Brand Valuation) was published in autumn 2010. This ISO standard specifies the principles to be adopted when valuing any brand name.

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