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what is medical equipment?

by | Aug 7, 2023

Complete information about medical equipment

Medical equipment is one of the devices without which the lives of patients are at risk. These tools are used for examination, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases? Are you familiar with the types of medical equipment and their uses? Stay with us in this article from Ecofriend Education site.

Maybe you have heard the name of medical equipment many times or visited one of the medical equipment stores at least once to get medical equipment, but you are not familiar with the meaning of this word. Follow this article to familiarize you with the concept of medical equipment and everything related to this field. You can also visit Medica Germany exhibition for more information.

What is medical equipment?

The word medical equipment has many meanings in different countries of the world. But in general, this equipment refers to any tools, devices and equipment that are used in medical science to diagnose, prevent and treat many diseases. In fact, each of these devices and equipment and tools are made by the manufacturers of this field with a specific purpose and are offered to the market. All these devices are made with the purpose of human health. The devices and tools that fall under the category of medical equipment are many and varied. The purpose of making all kinds of medical devices and equipments are classified in at least one of the following groups.

Equipment that is made to diagnose, prevent and treat a specific disease.

Equipment designed to diagnose, prevent, and treat a disability or injury.

Devices that are made to modify and replace an anatomy.

Equipment that is built to last as a supporter.

Equipment for birth control.

Equipment that is made for sterilizing and disinfecting equipment as well as medical environments

Types of classification of medical equipment

The American Food and Drug Administration has divided each of the related medical devices into three classes according to the effect they have on the human body and health.

Class A or 1: The equipment in this class has the least risk and impact on humans and is very simply designed. General controls must be performed on these devices. General controls include the registration of the device manufacturing company in the US Food and Drug Administration, the registration of the manufactured device in the Food and Drug Administration, the manufacture of the device according to the law of good manufacturing conditions, and the labeling of the device. About 74% of production equipment such as bandages and medical gloves are included in this group.

Class B or 2: Items that are included in this group, in addition to the general controls that are performed on them, a series of special controls must also be performed on them. Hot water bag and some wavy mattresses are included in this group.

Class C or 3: Items that are very sensitive and the patient’s life depends on it are placed in this group. This group is very effective in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases. In addition to general controls, a variety of tests are used for this type of equipment. Devices such as sphygmomanometer, heart rate monitor and very advanced medical equipment are included in this group.


 types of medical equipment

Examination devices: Any type of device used in the diagnosis of a disease by a doctor is known as an examination device.

Public equipment: Any type of equipment that is generally found in clinics and hospitals is known as public equipment.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices: All types of devices that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases in the obstetrics and gynecology department of hospitals and doctors’ offices are in this group.

Medical equipment: All types of equipment used in the rapid treatment of patients in hospitals and other medical documents are included in this group.

Laboratory equipment: All types of equipment used in laboratories to diagnose various diseases are included in this group.

Operating Room Equipment: Any type of equipment used in the operating room is known as operating room equipment.

Equipment of departments: All types of equipment used in different departments of hospitals and medical centers are in this group.

Dental equipment: Dental equipment, which is also very sensitive, is included in this group.

Unclassified: Any type of device that does not fall into the mentioned categories is classified in this group.

Maintenance of medical devices and equipment

Due to the fact that some of the equipment used in hospitals are very expensive and sensitive, it is necessary to maintain and periodically check these devices. Hospital properties comprise about 30 to 40 percent of hospital costs, and for this reason, proper maintenance of these devices can save a lot of money in hospitals. For this purpose, there should be a specific plan for the maintenance of these devices, and all colleagues in hospitals should cooperate in this work. In case of failure of any of the devices, the medical equipment engineer can help in repairing and fixing the failure of the devices. The German Medical Equipment Exhibition is one of the important medical exhibitions.

The role of the medical equipment engineer in the maintenance of devices

A medical equipment engineer is responsible for the installation and operation of various medical devices in hospitals and medical centers.

The relevant engineer should give the necessary training to the operators of the medical devices.

Planning for the maintenance of various medical devices

Maintenance of important and sensitive medical devices

Monitoring the performance of medical devices and reviewing all suggestions made for better performance of medical devices

What are medical equipment and its types?

  • Special equipment for examination
  • General equipment
  • Accessories related to gynecology and childbirth
  • Equipment used for disease diagnosis
  • Medical equipment in the treatment of disease
  • Equipment used in the diagnostic laboratory
  • Required operating room equipment
  • Dental Equipment

What are medical equipment and its types?

Medical equipment includes all tools and equipment used in medical science. These equipments are used in their production according to different technologies, their own features and characteristics. Below is a list of medical supplies separately.

Special equipment for examination

Examination devices are used in general doctors’ offices, hospitals and emergency rooms. The presence of these medical equipment is necessary for the diagnosis of diseases, among the most important of which the following can be mentioned:

  • Mercury, hand and digital sphygmomanometer.
  • Medical thermometer.
  • Stethoscope.
  • Rhinoscope.
  • Special equipment for examination

General equipment

A category of medical equipment includes basic and general equipment that exists in most clinics and hospitals. Some of the most important of these devices are:

  • Trolleys.
  • Autoclave device.
  • Examination bed.
  • Paravan.
  • Cotton and alcohol.
  • Stool chair.

 gynecological supplies

The devices that doctors and nurses use for the obstetrics and gynecology department include the following:

  • Cold light examination lamp.
  • Cotton swap.
  • Ultrasonic gel.
  • Spatula.
  • Obstetric examination bed.
  • Speculum.
  • Sonokit.

These tools and equipment are among the most important and specialized medical equipment in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Of course, you know that other public tools are also used in this field.

Equipment used for disease diagnosis

One of the most important things in the treatment is the diagnosis of the disease, for which various devices are used. These equipments are used in general offices, hospitals and clinics. The important equipment that nurses and doctors use to diagnose diseases is as follows:

  • Spirouter.
  • Electroencephalogram.
  • Ultrasonic equipment related to radiography.
  • Radiology instruments.
  • Nuclear medical equipment.
  • CT Scan.
  • Nerve and muscle tape recorder.

Medical equipment in the treatment of disease

Medical equipments are actually devices that are used in the quick treatment of diseases. This type of equipment is in both medical offices and hospitals and can be made up of medical equipment. Some of the main medical equipment are:

  • Needles and syringes.
  • Needle holder.
  • Low power laser.
  • Suction device.
  • Angioket.
  • Scalp Vienna.
  • Serum base.
  • Head set.
  • Catheter disease.

Equipment used in diagnostic laboratory

Laboratory equipment and devices are products that are usually used in diagnostic laboratories. In fact, these devices are not used in doctors’ offices, but hospitals and laboratories use their facilities. To familiarize yourself with the important laboratory equipment, the following should be mentioned:

  • Microbiology hood.
  • Cultivation Incubator.
  • Laboratory binomial.
  • Laboratory table.
  • Laboratory kits for medical diagnosis.
  • Blood cell counter.

Laboratory tools used in laboratories are divided into 4 categories:

Glassware such as Soxhlet apparatus, beaker, refrigerant, sample place, dropper, graduated cylinder and separatory funnel.

Balloons such as round-bottom balloons, gourds, earlens and volume balloons.

Pipes such as tail pipe, enamar, test pipe and welding pipe.

Other equipment such as static stirrer, vortex mixer and microscope.

Necessary equipment for the operating room

The presence of these medical equipment, which is known by their name, is necessary in the operating room, among which the following can be mentioned:

  1. Anesthetic gases.
  2. Suction device.
  3. Electrocautery.
  4. Surgical gown and operating room clothes.
  5. Monitor.
  6. Swimsuit table.
  7. Stool chair.
  8. Tissue separators or dissectors.
  9. Equipment needed by hospital departments

Departments’ equipment is used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases in large hospitals and clinics. Some of the main ones include the following:

  • Cold room and cooling equipment.
  • Monitor vital signs.
  • Sialetic light.
  • Artificial device.
  • Stone crushing equipment.

Extracorporeal membrane fusion.

  • Dental Equipment

Dentistry is one of the branches of medical science that requires a lot of tools and equipment. Some of the important tools needed in dentistry are:


  1. Dental suction device.
  2. Turbine milling.
  3. Angle grinder.
  4. Bonding.
  5. Dental mirror.
  6. Surgical blade.
  7. Tooth extraction unit.
  8. Microbrush.
  9. Dental turbine.

Other equipment used in medicine

There are a series of tools and equipment that are used in most medical fields and are related to specific places. Some of these medical equipment are:

  • Mobile hospital.
  • HEPA filter.
  • Ultraviolet light device.
  • Medical chairs.
  • Medical gases.
  • Artificial body parts.
  • Orthosis and facial prosthesis.
  • Hearing aids and hearing aids.
  • Glasses.
  • Orthopedic shoes.
  • Medical belts.