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Optimal use of energy : For optimal energy use, adjust the temperature of the refrigerator, use energy-saving lamps and electronic protection, and install smart switches.

Optimal use of energy

Consumption of energy reserves and use of energy is one of the concerns of mankind today. Until today, men have used different methods for energy consumption. But most of the electricity production in the country is still done in thermal power plants that burn fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, biofuels or nuclear fuel to heat water and produce steam. The heater spins a turbine to generate electricity, which is then fed into the grid. When we burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, we also produce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Most of the electricity produced in the facility comes from coal and natural gas. Some electricity is also produced from nuclear power plants. In the meantime, the electricity produced from hydro or wind power plants is still a smaller percentage. produced in this country includes about one third of the carbon dicarbon emissions related to the energy of this country.

Therefore, the electricity produced in this way is the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emission in this country. It should be viewed as improving energy efficiency at home so that it uses less electricity and requires fewer fossil fuel power plants. This will save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, ultimately helping the environment. In this article, we have explained 15 simple methods to help you use energy in your home. This method is as follows:

1- Adjust the temperature of the refrigerator

Your refrigerator consumes about 13.7% of the total energy in your home. To optimize energy, it reduces the energy consumption of your refrigerator by setting the refrigerator temperature to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Your freezer should be set at 3 degrees Fahrenheit to use less energy.

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2- Use low light bulbs

Use energy-efficient CFL or LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption at home. Install these lamps and reduce your lighting energy by 25-35%.

3- Install a timer for your water heater.

Install a timer for your water heater. Then set it to hot water when you are not at home or at night so that it turns off automatically. With this method, you can help use energy at home and reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

4- Use electrical protection

Electric protector protects appliances and reduces electricity consumption. It also prevents damage to equipment when the power is turned on and off.

5- Use insulation

One of the ways to use energy is to insulate inside and around the house such as windows, pipes and engine room. Using double-glazed windows prevents excessive energy consumption, which will also save your money.

6- When you are not in the room, turn off the string lights

Turn off the lights whenever you leave the room. Especially incandescent lamps consume a lot of energy. So keep it on as long as needed and turn it off when not in use.

7- Optimum use of energy using solar energy

Solar energy is accepted as energy. If you can afford it, use lamps and devices such as solar water heaters. In this way, it reduced electricity dramatically.

8- Close the doors and draw the curtains.

This may seem obvious and trivial. But it helps to reduce energy consumption at home. Close and draw doors and curtains in areas you don’t use during the day. Also, always only cool or heat the rooms you spend the most time in.

9- Use blankets and warm clothes in winter.

In the cold seasons of the year, it is better to use blankets or warm winter clothes to warm yourself instead of turning on all the heaters or heating in the houses. This reduces energy consumption and minimizes heat loss.

10- Reducing the degree of water heater for optimal use of energy

You don’t need to set your water heater on high. Especially if there are only a few of you at home. Recommended is about 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

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11- Turn off all electronic devices that are used.

Switching off the household appliances and electronics that are being used is another daily habit that should reduce your energy consumption. You can also use a mobile wire or communication wire, which supply less energy to home appliances when they are used.

12- Wash the clothes with cold water.

No need to wash clothes with hot water. It’s just energy, and there’s also the possibility of fabric damage. Use cold on your washing machine and save a lot of money every year. You can manage this money better.

13- Dry dishes and clothes in the open air.

Dryers use less work, but more energy and more expensive electric bills. Place your dishes in the open air instead of using the dishwasher dryer. Hang your clothes in the sun to dry.

14- Using vegetable dishes

Instead of plastic disposable containers You can use vegetable dishes. The production of plant-based disposable containers, which are also biodegradable, require 65% less energy than the production of plastic disposable containers.

Optimal use of energy

This is one of the important reasons for choosing these containers over other disposable containers in the market. Also, using vegetable dishes in parties, catering and restaurants is the best way to use energy optimally and wash less dishes with water while showing green business.

15- Clean or replace the air filters

If air filters, coolers and heaters are dirty, much more energy is consumed. Follow a regular cleaning and replacement schedule to ensure the filters are clean.

16- Install smart keys

You don’t need lights for lighting all the time. Especially in areas that are rarely used or have less traffic. Increase energy efficiency by installing smart switches in such areas. Children may forget to turn off the lights when they leave the room. Therefore, smart keys will be the right solution to reduce energy consumption.

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