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Environmental Lifestyle guide Vol.1 of 11


Features of the book Environmental lifestyle guides
✔️Book classification: Nonfiction
✔️Type of cover: paper
✔️Written language: English
✔️Age group: adult and young adult
✔️Author: Dr. Jahangir Asadi

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Environmental Lifestyle guide Vol.1 of Vol.11

Environmental Lifestyle guide Vol.1 Food: For All People who wish to take care of Climate Change, Food Industries (Meat, Beverage, Dairy, … And Sugar and Confectionery) (Ecolabelling) by: Jahangir Asadi

This book is dedicated to the subject of environmental labels. The basis for the classification of its parts goes back to the types of environmental labelling according to the classification provided by the International Organization for Standardization. The idea of compiling this book came to the author’s mind when it was observed that national environmental labelling models had been developed in most countries. This is, however, not the case everywhere; in many other countries, even the initial steps have not been taken.

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