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Climate Change Control

International Manual of Climate Change Control, A Full color guide for all people who wish to take care of climate change.

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Jahangir Asadi

About the author.

Professional Environment & Food Quality Technologist with a master’s degree in Science and a PhD in Environmental
& Quality Sciences; International Certification and Lead Auditor in HACCP, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 45001. Participated in more than 110 audits in more than 25 countries.
Responsible for planning, developing, initiating, coordinating, implementing, and maintaining the most effective eco-labelling and environmental management systems procedures for optimum production, food quality, environmental assurance, and monitoring and measurement in more than 11 countries. One of the first people to suggest to ISO the use of mobile phones as management system tools for recognized innovative behavior.

After three years hardest working finalizing “ International Manual of Climate change control” for all people who take care of climate change. And now it’s printing in more than 10 thousands copies outside Canada 🇨🇦 and distributed in more than 17 countries as a text book of secondary schools accompanying with online knowledge test and certification from Canada 🍁 Try our free demo version now and let us know your opinions, Also thanks for Prime Minister office for all cooperation processes. www.toptenaward.org


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