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What is textbooks ?

by | Aug 8, 2023

In the world of education, textbookss have long been the center of learning. As an integrated part of education and curriculum, they form the entire educational system. The publication of textbookss plays a significant role in increasing the awareness and education of people in the society, that’s why it is always welcomed. But the question is, what is a textbooks? Maybe these days the market of teaching aid books has become very hot, but is it necessary to use textbookss along with textbookss? Join Eco-Friendly Education to answer your questions.

What is the textbooks?

Let’s start with a general definition of textbookss. Textbookss as a product have played an important role in the educational system. These books are a collection of educational materials related to a specific field or course. Today, textbookss are popular among students as a supplement for studying. Using textbookss along with textbookss is very effective. But in general, the specialty of textbookss is that they express the points in the textbooks more fluently. With various examples and exercises, they try to make the student fully master the subject.

What is the best way to choose a textbooks?

Many students look for another source to better understand the textbooks material. Most of the time, they choose the textbooks to better understand the material and do more exercises. But the important thing is how do we know that the textbooks we prepared can be useful for us? How to make the best choice among all these different textbookss?

One of the best ways to choose a teaching aid book is to research and read about that book. Maybe you are one of those students who use their teacher’s recommendations to choose a textbooks. But this is one of the methods! If you are looking to buy textbookss yourself, you can go to the exhibitions and read the summaries of the books and, of course, know your needs.

Of course, it is necessary to remember that the needs of each person are completely different from each other, and it is not possible to accurately state which books each person should buy from which publications. You may also be interested to know why some schools use educational aid books along with textbookss, are the needs of all students the same? No, the needs of students are not the same, but it is better to know that the goal of schools that use teaching aids in addition to textbookss is for students to deal with more exercises. However, some teachers believe that textbookss may have disadvantages and do not use them in teaching.

Textbooks content analysis is a qualitative research method used to identify the underlying categories of text books. One of the research methods used for textbookss is content analysis. This can help clarify the issue. Suggest the possible strengths and weaknesses of the textbookss for possible modification and change of the content, according to the set goals and scientific principles, and also provide the correct design method to the managers, planners and authors of the textbookss.

William Rumi’s method can be used to analyze the content of the textbooks. It can also be useful to learn about the application of Shannon’s entropy in content analysis. In this article, the method of analyzing the content of the textbooks is explained. At the end and in the conclusion section, we have presented the results of this study and how content analysis can play a role in the design of textbookss in a case-by-case manner and in the form of suggestions. Including the fact that inserting pictures is one of the most effective means of influence in the process of designing and producing textbookss.

The importance of analyzing the content of textbookss

The current education system of the country is a centralized system and its curriculum is unique to the textbooks that is used throughout the country. At the same time, due to the size of the country, the diversity and multitude of ethnic groups and the problems caused by it, the rapid growth of science and technology, the rapid change in social norms and values, it is necessary that textbookss be carefully and as far as possible, free of Every defect should be compiled according to the set goals and scientific principles.

How to organize the content of textbookss is an important factor in determining how to learn. Sometimes, the inefficiency and inappropriateness of the content and its lack of compatibility with the students’ ability to understand make learning difficult or produce less than expected results. Therefore, in preparing effective and efficient textbookss, educational activities and learning experiences should be adjusted in such a way that they reinforce each other and the learning activities are compatible with the students’ abilities, so that they can create the desired behavior pattern in the learner.

Theoretical approaches of textbooks content analysis

Currently, textbookss are one of the most important references and resources for learning. Because most of the educational activities take place within the framework of this medium. The following are among the reasons that show the importance of this medium in our country:

  • Centralization of teachers’ activities based on textbookss
  • Examination and evaluation are limited to textbooks content
  • Realizing most of the goals of education through this medium
  • Requiring students to read books compiled and introduced by the planning office
  • The existence of a centralized system that has a program, a book and an evaluation for the whole country
  • Improper educational conditions and lack of facilities
  • Lack of sufficient skills of teachers in understanding educational goals and using appropriate teaching methods and their reliance on textbookss.

P Positive outcomes of textbooks content analysis

In the following, we state the values that a textbooks can bring in the course of teaching and learning: defining the scope of the activity of the teacher and the learner during the educational process, providing important information in a certain discipline or field in a coherent and regular manner. . Since most of the books have pictures, statistics, questions, charts, etc., they can help their learners to understand the material better.

They save the time of the teacher and the learner. It is possible to discuss and discuss common issues as well as to create harmony between students of a field, a class or a subject. It frees the teacher from additional discussions. It makes learners used to study. It specifies the content and policies of education. It prevents the scattering of materials and comprehensive focus on a single subject and gives order to the activities of the teacher and the student.

In order to achieve these values or any other type of goals and mission, the book must have certain criteria, principles and criteria that are necessary in the process of designing textbookss. Burleson defines content analysis as a research technique for the objective, systematic and quantitative description of the content of communication media.

Applications of textbooks content analysis

Descriptive use

  • Measuring and describing the main features of the textbooks
  • Evaluating and determining the correlation between the internal and external variables of the textbooks
  • Providing data and information needed to perform comparative evaluations and comparisons
  • Evaluating the attitude and perspective of educational and educational factors such as teachers, students, parents, educational supervisors, counselors, etc. in relation to textbookss
  • Knowing and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of the textbooks.

Analytical application

  • Textbookss are official and valid documents.

and the translation of religious, moral, social, cultural and scientific values that govern a society.

  • Studying and analyzing the effects of curriculum content on the level of realization of cognitive, emotional and skill goals of education.

It is the definition and explanation of the roles of individuals, institutions and social concepts in textbookss.

  • Some kind of technical analysis is done in the textbooks.


Textbooks is one of the most important and accessible educational media that plays a valuable role in education. Many researchers have considered the textbooks as one of the efficient and effective educational media that can provide learning and self-learning for learners. Inserting images is one of the most effective means of influence in the process of designing and producing textbookss. Textbooks content analysis methods are very important in reviewing and evaluating books.

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